If This Were Any Cooler, It'd Be Frozen (like the Crowd!)

From the site,
I made a panoramic image showing the nearly two million people who watched President Obama’s inaugural address. To do so, I clamped a Gigapan Imager to the railing on the north media platform about six feet from my photo position. The Gigapan is a robotic camera mount that allows me to take multiple images and stitch them together, creating a massive image file.

My final photo is made up of 220 Canon G10 images and the file is 59,783 X 24,658 pixels or 1,474 megapixels. It took more than six and a half hours for the Gigapan software to put together all of the images on my Macbook Pro and the completed TIF file is almost 2 gigabytes.
How I Made a 1,474-Megapixel Photo During President Obama’s Inaugural Address

It is amazing, awesome and fantastic. And huge beyond huge. Its also the biggest Where's Waldo? ever. Via.
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