I Tweet, Therefore I Am

The Five Six Stages Of Twitter Acceptance. Where are YOU?

Mr.Tweet offers up the Five Six Stages of Twitter with my comments. There were originally five stages but collaboration was added as a sixth stage after numerous commenters suggested it.

I am currently at stage 4 and 5 and am not sure I want to go to stage 6. Most of my new followers these days are, pardon my language, butthole marketers with zero interest in actually reading or interacting with me, they just want to increase their "reach" by getting me to follow them.

The most annoying stage is #3 Dumping where people use Twitter for nothing but posting links to their blog posts or, worse, links to their blog. Again and again and again.

And I have no interest to be another channel for someone to broadcast their marketing BS.

And there are people that join Twitter and just add every single person they see to amass these huge groups of people they supposedly "follow" but really they just want to get reciprocal follows to spread their marketing message or as an advertisement for their services.

What do I like about Twitter? It is immediate, it can be poignant (the terror attacks in Mumbai were a stark example of how immediate the information can be, Twitter was hours ahead of the big news agencies in disseminating information), it can be goofy, it can be helpful, it can be all these things all at once. Its a fun way to keep tabs on friends, to keep an eye on interesting personalities (I follow Adam Savage from Mythbusters among others because he's, ohmygosh, a geek). Plus, the ability to post a pic adds a fun element. The open API has allowed people to create an amazing assortment of add-on functionality for the service too. And the integration with my iPhone makes it very easy to keep up and to also tweet on the go.
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