I Just Don't Get It

I'm a combination of confused and seriously pissed off right now. Which is a bummer because I was very excited when I got home for lunch to see that Fed-Ex had dropped off a box for me. The box contained a new (to me, it is used) telephoto zoom lens for my Rebel XTi. I was really happy that it came so quickly especially since there are some upcoming cyclocross races that I wanted to try and take some photos at.

Only my elation turned to disappointment and outright rage when I unwrapped the lens. One, no lens cover which is just stupid.
Two, no clear lens protecting filter on the end. Cheap insurance.
Three, a rather large abrasion scratch on the outer lens next to a decent sized scratch. Not dead center but pretty impossible to not have known it was there when the seller sold it.

Which means he knew that he was selling pretty obviously damaged goods to me. Why? Why would you sell someone they were going to be pissed off about and demand compensation? Did he somehow think I wouldn't notice it? Did he presume that I would be cool with it and just let him off for selling me a lens that is, presently, useless?

It is fixable and I'm going to a local camera shop after work to see about getting it fixed up. But I shouldn't have to, I shouldn't have to waste my time getting the lens into a usable state. I know I'm for damned sure not going to be paying for it out of my pocket. The sale was through Amazon so I fully expect that I'll get some cash back to cover my work to get it repaired.

I just can't access the mentality that allowed him to knowingly pack up and ship obviously defective merchandise.

I've already emailed him and put the ball in his court to give him the opportunity to make this right. I'm not overly hopeful of an easy resolution but I have to give him the chance. And, when he disappoints some more, I will escalate the claim through Amazon's channels to recoup the cost it will take to fix the lens.

Update 1/7/09: The seller has been in touch with me, has been genuinely (or does a great job faking it) apologetic and already refunded my money before I even got the package in the mail on the way back to him. I have also ordered a brand new lens and got a $30 discount on it by opening up an Amazon credit card account. The credit card has a ridiculously high interest rate but it won't matter because the lens will be fully paid off before any interest is applied and then I don't plan on ever using the card again. All's well that ends well, now I just have to wait for the brand new lens to show up.

I did take the lens into a repair shop to get an idea of how much it would cost to repair and the lady was said "Don't bother, just get your money back," which is never a good sign. Anyway, I'm not thrilled but I am satisfied.
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