Hello and Goodbye

Dear President Obama,

As other bloggers have already done, I thought I would take a moment to welcome you to the White House and the nearly unimaginable burden you have willingly taken on.

The mantle of leadership is thankless, weighty and will age you more rapidly than you would think possible.

But, in taking on the role of chief executive of this great nation of ours, you have inspired so many, you have made believers out of cynics, you have made hope a national movement. Your victory has opened doors and eyes and hearts to change, to working together towards our common goals.

You have, to date, batted nearly 1.000 in your short time as leader of this nation. With the exception of Pastor Rick Warren, who espouses hate in the name of God, I honestly have no issue with any of your proclamations, appointments or actions. You have shown great wisdom, thought, insight and vision, something that this land of ours has lacked for so long.

But, as you are well aware, the honeymoon will be a short one. The people are hungry for the change you have promised, they are ready, they want to work with you to rebuild America, they want to work with you to restore our country to its standing as a shining beacon of freedom, freedom from tyranny, freedom from ignorance, freedom from ethical tip-toeing.

We are ready, Mr. Obama. I am ready.

Thank you, thank you for standing up and for encouraging the nation to stand up with you.

Warmest regards,

Dear Mr. Bush,

You led our nation down a wicked and dark path these last eight years. Your ignorant kneejerk reactionism was only matched by your chauvinistic idiocy and inability to heed the advice of men hired to know more and impart their knowledge to you. You have mired us in an war without end, you have given up pursuit of the most hated man in America, you have condoned torture and thus been our enemy's greatest recruiting tool.

You have been a miserable and abject failure no matter how rosily your revisionists paint you. You have presided over the most despicable and morally corrupt administration of all-time. You have been a pox upon this country and it is my fervent hope that you are made to pay for your damage to this nation.

In other words, Go fuck yourself because you have surely fucked the rest of us.

And, oh yes, thank you ever so much for inflicting the permanently angry and hateful Cheney on us. I used to think movie villains were hyperbolic but Cheney shows us all how deeply hatred and dark venality can run. He is possibly the most miserable excuse for a human being in America.

The best thing you can do at this point would be to just shut up and let America start getting back on track.

Most sincerely,
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