Hacking on Me

What's on my mind this morning? Let's see...

I'm a bit annoyed that my wife used the last of my creamer so I got one measly and insufficient cup of coffee before bolting to work, late.

I'm more than tired of my eyes being so damned itchy all the time because of the high allergy alert going on right now.

There's an epidemic of kids at the daycare saying "Fuck you" to their parents. Well, epidemic in this case means one child spending the entire weekend saying it to her mom.

I'm back in my meat locker computer lab today. Its cold and the pile of surplus computers is still all over the floor. Oh, and the district energy nazi unplugged every single one of my computers.

I was under the impression that my new camera lens was supposed to be delivered today but that was wrong and it is now supposed to be here on Thursday.

The McDonald's Steak, Egg and Cheese Bagel may be a horrible greasy gut bomb but it tastes pretty frickin' awesome.

Today is an SBC training day for the school which means no students and all the teachers are in meetings most of the day. Which is cool by me. Maybe I'll start a movie from Netflix and project it on the big screen.

Crucial.com has asked for me to review my recent purchase from them before I've even gotten the RAM. That seems rather stupid.

And the computers are all really dusty and nasty. Plus, my workstation won't boot up properly if it has the aluminum keyboard and mouse plugged in. Odd and kind of irritating.

Mostly though I'm just cheesed about not having my usual cup of delicious hot coffee to get the day rolling properly. But perhaps it'll be warm enough for me to trade my car for the bicycle at lunch today and get some more saddle time as per my resolution.
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