A Good First Day Back

Aside from a rather chilly working environment, my lab was a decidedly not toasty 50 degrees when I left this afternoon, today was a good and productive first day back to work.

I succeeded in cloning the lab computer to do some repairs on the other machines in the lab. I also surplussed a whole crapload of obsolete equipment. By surplus, that means I filled out a bunch of paperwork, copied down serial numbers and used my knife to peel up the district ID tags which were then collected on a sheet of paper and turned into my department so the numbers could be returned to use. And, by a whole crapload, I mean nearly 70 machines! Not all computers but all had to be processed by hand, in an arctic chill. I ended up not sending an old Apple Stylewriter II to surplus because I just couldn't bear to let it get recycled yet. Its such a nice little printer and still works well.

I also fixed an annoying and stupid problem with one of my big laserjet printers that had, until today, refused to print from its internal paper tray.

There were a few other things that got crossed off as well before it was time to bust out early because the later shift janitor wasn't coming in and the alarm system had to get turned on early. So I had to bug out a little earlier than expected which is never a bad thing, ya know?

All in all it was a pretty good first day back. Tomorrow should be more of the same and then, on Wednesday, I'll finish up imaging the lab at one of my other schools so that they are ready to rock and roll when the students come back next week. And Thursday means a trip up to San Francisco to go to MacWorld! The only bummer is that no Steve Jobs but the keynote's tomorrow anyway so I'd have missed either way.
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