Drive a Hummer, Get More Tickets

Study: Hummers get the most tickets

The San Francisco company Quality Planning studied moving violations issued to drivers of various models in the United States and found that drivers of the Hummer H2 and H3 were 4.63 times more likely than the average driver to be ticketed.

The two hypotheses suggested in the article:
Hypothesis #1: Hummers make people drive like jerks because their height, gun-slit windows, and tailgate-mounted spare tire making for large blind spots.
Hypothesis #2: Jerks are more likely to drive Hummers.

And my hypothesis:
Hypothesis #3: Studies have shown that, the more elevated a driving position is from the road, the less of a sense of speed one has and so a Hummer driver will tend to go faster and get more tickets. That and its pretty clear that someone who would buy a Hummer is kind of a jerk to begin with.
Here's the relevant part from that link above (emphasis mine): CONCLUSIONS: The two studies demonstrate that, when they are not able to reference a speedometer, drivers choose to drive faster when they view the road from an eye height that is representative of a large SUV compared to that of a small sports car.

Either way, I have no problem with self-absorbed people in Hummers getting more speeding tickets. A speeding Hummer represents a much higher risk to other drivers because of the amount of rolling mass and the higher center of gravity that makes them more likely to ride up on another vehicle in the event of a collision and to crush the passenger area. A sports car that is much lighter and smaller and lower to the road making it less likely to cause catastrophic damage.
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