Breaking Through Plateaus

I've been doing a pretty standard circuit training workout on my Bowflex for much of the last year or two. It consists of a warm up row, weighted crunches, seated bench press, lat pull down, tricep press, standing curls and shoulder presses. Lather, rinse, repeat. It does a pretty good job of keeping me at a decent strength level and helps stave off the dreaded and nasty spare tire. Combined with some cardio and I stay in pretty good shape.

Sometimes I'll invert the workout to try and keep it fresh or scramble the order some but its just alright.

Jay sent me a direct message within Twitter about a site and program called One Hundred Pushups that purports to help create a program that will take you from whatever current fitness level you have now and propel you to the ability to do one hundred pushups (hence the name, eh?).

I did my initial test yesterday in between classes in the computer lab and was able to do 35 pushups before I had to stop. Which means I'm supposed to start at Week 3.

I just finished making my Google Docs spreadsheet (and added the Docs gadget to my iGoogle home page) so I'll be able to track my progress. There is an iPhone app to do the same thing but it costs $2 and Google Docs are free so.....

Anyway, if you're going to give it a run then let me know and we can compare notes. Once this class clears out of the computer lab, I'm going to bang out today's reps (14, 18, 18, 14, max).

And maybe after this little program is done I'll give a try to their other program, Two Hundred Situps though I hope they aren't really situps and are crunches because situps can easily put too much pressure and stress on one's neck.

Update: Going to have to pass on the pushups today, my lats are just a bit too sore for now.
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