UFC 92 Wrap

Wow, what an excellent and exciting night of fights. No submissions and lots of knockouts!

The Mir win over Nogueira was the house favorite of the night. Frank Mir looked poised, confident and very, very dangerous.

Rashad Evans had to work for his knockout win over Forrest Griffin but when it came, he hammered Forrest and it ended quickly. A new light-heavyweight champ has been crowned and Rashad looked excellent in the fight.

The other fights on the card were also pretty good. Rampage's wicked knockout of Wanderlei Silva was impressive and it looks like Rampage may be back on the path of utterly destroying his opponents again. Scary and fun to watch.

Cheick Kongo pretty well dominated Al-Turk with his sharp striking and then finished him with heavy elbows on the ground to cut him open and get the knockout. Another impressive win.

Overall, I split on my predictions going 3 for 6 calling Rampage, Dolloway and Hamill and missing on Mir, Evans and Kongo. I wasn't too bummed about my weak record because the fights were highly entertaining and it was a good night for the UFC.

And 2009 will bring many more excellent events starting with Franklin vs. Henderson in Ireland on January 17 and Penn vs. St. Pierre on January 31.
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