TUF Semi-Finals Episode 1 Recap

The Ultimate Fighter is just about done for another season and, after skipping last week, they decided to double stack this week and run back to back episodes with two fights in each episode. That means there's pretty much nothing but the confidence talk leading up to the fights and then the fights themselves.

The confidence talk is when each fighter is interviewed by someone off-camera and gets to say why they will win. Sometimes they talk trash about the other fighter, sometimes they just say they'll win because they have more heart and blah, blah, blah. I tend to find the confidence talk and trash talk to be boring as hell and I can fast forward right through it.

The first semi-final fight was between Eliot Marshall and Ryan Bader, two light heavyweights. Marshal is a Brazilian jui jitsu black belt and Bader is a two time national champion wrestler. What could have and should have been a good fight basically consisted of Bader laying on top of Marshall and doing almost nothing for fifteen minutes. It was one of the worst and most boring fights I've ever seen on the show. Bader won because he controlled the fight but if he wins the show, he'll be the lamest winner of all time. His fighting style is to bore people to death.

The second semi-final fight was between George Roop and Phillipe Nover, two lightweights. Nover was the guy who fainted during the initial introductions and caused Dana White to nickname him Faintin' Phillipe. But, after his utter annihilation of Dave Caplan (sp?), White was singing his praises. Roop seriously messed up his hand a few days before his last fight and basically won his last fight one-handed. Roop was over-matched by Nover and the fight ended pretty quickly by a kimora submission that looked horribly painful and nearly broke Roop's arm.

I didn't watch the second episode yet because I needed to get to bed earlier than I have been. But the fights in the second episode should be pretty good with Krystoff fighting Vinny and Junie fighting Ephraim. I kind of hope Junie gets the snot beat out of him but I don't think it will happen, he might lose but he won't get the ass-kicking he really needs.

I'm seeing the final as.....dammit, I just went to the TUF site to do a spell check and saw who won and what the finals are going to be. That sucks. Oh well.
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