TUF 8 Finale Predictions

The finale of The Ultimate Fighter season 8 is tonight and so I thought I'd put up my predictions and thoughts.

Main event:
155 lbs.: Phillipe Nover (155) vs. Efrain Escudero (156)
Nover has got to be the favorite here. He's a very nice guy outside of the octagon but he becomes a crazed animal in it and he's got the skills to knock out pretty much anyone. I like both Phillipe and Efrain but I don't think Efrain is going to be able to withstand Phillipe's barrage.
Result: Nover by TKO in Round 2

Main card (Televised):
205 lbs.: Ryan Bader (205) vs. Vinicius Magalhães (205)
If Ryan Bader wins this match then he will be the limpest winner of TUF ever. He's got no stand up and no submissions, he's a wrestler. His fights are boring as hell. Vinny is a world champion brazilian jui jitsu. Either way, this is likely to be a quick fight without much action until Vinny submits Bader.
Result: Vinny by submission in Round 1.

185 lbs.: Wilson Gouveia (189) vs. Jason MacDonald (184)
Gouveia came in overweight and gives up 20% of his pay to MacDonald. He's already at a pyschological disadvantage and Jason MacDonald is an excellent all-round fighter.
Result: MacDonald by TKO (strikes) in Round 2.

170 lbs.: Kevin Burns (171) vs. Anthony Johnson (171)
This should be an explosive fight. Anthony Johnson is an electric fighter who has a tendency to overwhelm his opponents. Its also a rematch in which Johnson lost the first fight because of a bad call by the ref (he was given a TKO but replays showed he got poked in the eye before the onslaught that ended it).
Result: Who knows but its going to be good! But I'll go with Johnson by TKO strikes in Round 2.

155 lbs.: Junie Browning (156) vs. Dave Kaplan (156)
Junie Browning is a tool. He's got some good fighting skills but he's a complete ass of a human being. Dave Kaplan tried to show off his "iron" chin against Nover and got knocked the fuck out. I expect Kaplan to have a better game plan this time around and not give up his chin like an idiot. Maybe Junie shows something beyond his toolishness, maybe not. Either way, I expect Kaplan to knock him out.
Result: Kaplan by KO strikes in Round 2.

Under card (May not be broadcast):
205 lbs.: Krzysztof Soszynski (202) vs. Shane Primm (205)
Result: Krzysztof by TKO strikes in Round 1.

205 lbs.: Eliot Marshall (203) vs. Jules Bruchez (205)
Result: Marshall by submission in Round 2.

205 lbs.: Kyle Kingsbury (205) vs. Tom Lawlor (204)
Lawlor is rocking the Evan Tanner memorial beard. He also came across as a funny, likable and good guy on the show. Kyle came across as kind of an asshole. Sorry, Kyle, but I think I'm going with Tom Lawlor in this one just because I like him better. (Note, I spared you all the full pic of Tom in his speedo. You're welcome.
Result: Lawlor by TKO strikes in Round 2.

155 lbs.: Shane Nelson (156) vs. George Roop (153)
Roop is a fighter with a big heart, he won a fight during the season with a broken hand but I tend to think Shane has a more complete game and will win this via submission.
Result: Nelson by submission in Round 2.

155 lbs.: Rolando Delgado (155) vs. John Polakowski (152)
Mr. Huggybear with Crazy Hair Polakowski was everyone's friend and is a genuinely nice, if slightly creepy and cloying, guy. Delgado took a rash of shit for his fifteen minute roundabout explanation of how he got his black belt in Brazilian jui jitsu but he took a hell of a fight to Junie Browning before losing.
Result: Polakowski by TKO strikes in Round 3.
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