Today's word of the day is thwarted.

As in, I was thwarted from a good night's sleep by the rain pounding on the house and some stuffed up sinuses.
Or, I was thwarted from sleeping until my alarm clock went off because Sullivan woke up extra early and was downstairs helping himself to some breakfast (he's two and a half years old).
Or, I was thwarted from a peaceful start to the day because Sully had an enormous and nasty shit in his diaper (which is why he was awake so early).
Or, I was thwarted from staying out of the rain and cold this morning because I'd forgotten to take the trash up last night though it was raining harder then).
Or, I was thwarted from feeling decent about humanity when I heard the news that the scumfucks at AIG are going to give huge executive bonuses on yours and my bailout money. But, instead of calling them bonuses, they are calling them, "retention payments", I wish I were making that up.
I am tempted to thwart the rest of my day and go back home and get back in bed.

Isn't the word of the day fun?

No, not really. I think I'll make up for it by saying squat out loud a few times.
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