A Symptom of the Problem

Poll: Internet, Fox News Are Most Trusted News Sources

Fox News trounced CNN, 39% to 16% in a recent poll by the Independent Film Channel as being the most trusted news channel in America.

What is worse is that Rush Limbaugh is the most trusted news personality followed by Bill O'Reilly.

Let me be very clear, Fox News is about as Fair and Balanced as Hanoi Hannah during the Vietnam War. And Rush Limbaugh is demonstrably wrong nearly every single moment of every single day. And when he isn't wrong, he's being hateful and divisive (see his comments about Michael J. Fox, Donovan McNabb, Abu Ghraib, etc., etc., ad infinitum). Not to mention his support of the tobacco industry peddling poison. The guy isn't a news man, he's a demagogue. It pains me to think of so many Americans listening in to his daily show and nodding along with the occasional "You're so right, Rush". This is why my friend, Jack of What Would Jack Do, calls them sheeple. Don't let a demagogue with an agenda do your thinking for you.

And don't just accept whatever they spew. Apply a little critical thinking to their statements and heck, apply a little self-examination to the rest of your life too.
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