Shouting at Jaywalkers, or Mentalassity

I do not get the mentality in this town. I have never gotten the mentality in this town.

From people throwing their trash on the ground when they are less than fifty feet from a trash can to people jaywalking across the street less than twenty feet from a crosswalk. Or the obese mother who not just bumps into you but knocks you back a few feet and then glares at you for having the gall to get in her way.

I should know better than to say something but sometimes I just cannot help myself. I know my words won't be listened to but that they'll instantly respond with a resounding "Fuck You". No surprise really, people don't like to be called on their stupid behaviour and it causes their hackles to rise up immediately and lash back out rather than examine the error of their ways.

I know these things and still I cannot help myself from attempting to make someone take a look at what they are doing and realize that they are in the objective wrong. Yes, I look at my own actions and try to do the right thing. I'm not perfect, I don't always act perfectly but I have the capacity to examine my actions and try to make adjustments to better myself. I just wish more people gave a damn about their own actions, the world would be a far better place.
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