Obama Makes His First Bad Move

Flawless is how Barack Obama's campaign has been described. I don't think it was flawless, I think they left themselves open on many issues and didn't hit back hard enough on some of the smear attacks.

But yes, he did run an outstanding campaign.

And he has shown excellent judgment throughout. Which makes his selection of a complete douchebag like Rick Warren to give the inauguration prayer very peculiar. Warren has compared gays to pedophiles, he was a major backer of Prop 8 and is known as an inflammatory speaker bordering on hate speech.

I don't get it, many other people don't get it. Maybe Obama's trying to drive down the interest in his inauguration. Maybe he's offended by the thought of people paying $20,000 or more to attend it so he's tossing a little ugliness in it.

I don't know and, really, I don't care what his reasoning is. Rick Warren makes about as much sense to bring in as Fred Phelps.

It was bound to happen and it isn't like Warren was appointed to a cabinet position, he's just giving a prayer and then going back to his hateful little hole. But still, its tough to see a crack appearing in what has been an invincible armor.
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