Not a Bad Day's Work

Man buys Bush library Web URL for $10, sells it for $35K because the web developers, Yuma Solutions, let it lapse. Oops. Not a bad way to make a chunk of money, Illuminati Karate.

As for the library itself (which seems ironic given Bush's distaste for intellectual pursuits), it will be themed around Bush's four core governing ideals which are freedom, opportunity, individual responsibility and compassion. But, as Rachel Maddow puts it, when translated those four core tenets become surveillance, recession, corporate welfare and exclusion.

I'm sure the Bush Library will be a GOP magnet for those seeking to worship at his disGraceland Temple but the only possible way to get me in those doors would be under heavy sedation and in desperate need of a place to piss. And even then, I'd be as likely to piss on his bronze torso as anywhere else.

My memory of the Bush legaacy will be that image of drunk Jenna Bush faux humping what looks like her sister who has a beer bottle and a cigarette in her hand up there. That and animatronic Laura Bush and Dick Cheney looking like he'd rather chop everyone else in the universe into tiny pieces rather than speak to them. I was wrong, there are plenty of memories to "cherish" and, soon enough, the entire hateful, disgusting administration will be shown the door and America can start to regain its soul under Obama/Biden.
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