I Know Why They Call It A Break

I officially went on winter break yesterday. Unofficially I went on winter break on Thursday because I called in sick because of an acute lack of sleep and the fact that I'm fighting a sinus infection or something that packs my head full of snot every night. It probably isn't an infection but it certainly does a bang up job of ruining my sleep.

The only thing breaking here is me.

When does life ease the fuck up and get a little easier? What can I do to facilitate the process because I'm so thoroughly sick and tired of battling through each and every day and still falling further and further behind.

I know I should look up at all the good things in my life but sometimes you just want to get right down and wallow in the filth and bitch and moan for a little while even if it does no good.

Of course, I can't be completely open and honest here because the real life repercussions would make my life suck even more. And that would be a difficult feat these days. And I'm not quite stupid enough to intentionally make myself more miserable than I already am.

But I'll probably get a rash of shit even for posting this.
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