Glowy Goodness

We went to the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor Lighted Boat Parade last night and had a really good time among the good sized crowd of festive Cruzans who were out. I also got a chance to take a bunch of photos on the night setting on my camera and captured some of the boats really nicely, as the pic demonstrates.

Grady has also recently shown a strong interest in photography lately and took a few dozen photos too.

I also tried out the iPhone application called Night Camera which uses the accelerometer in the phone to automatically take a pic when the phone is still. It actually works very well once you get used to the idea of not having direct shutter control. I will see if any of the pics can be added to this post when I get a moment (I'm writing this on the downstairs computer so I can keep an eye on the boys).

Among the fun things we did was to walk all the way out to the lighthouse which had been strung with lights to create a glowing caricature of a lighthouse. The waves were big too and it was kind of neat to be out there at night. There were also a couple of kayakers with what looked like converted hot air balloon burners on the fronts of their kayaks. I pretty much assumed that they were Burning Men and had it confirmed later on. Grady got freaked out when they passed by the dock and sent out a wicked dual blast of flame nearly twenty feet in the air. I thought they were awesome but it was a big too much for Grady.

I think the highlight of the night for the boys were a pair of remote control boats (on RC trucks) that had been outfitted with this really neat stuff called CoolNeon that glows like neon but is a wire that can be shaped into most anything you want. One ship was set up like a pirate ship complete with not one but two disco balls on top of the masts. The owner explained the Cool Neon technology and how easy it was to use, he also invited us to the Whale Lighting Ceremony at the Seymour Long Marine Lab tonight where he would have two articulating sharks with the Cool Neon on them too.
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