Christmas Scorecard

Yesterday ended up being a long one, as expected, and it was filled with lots of fun interspersed with a few tot meltdowns from lack of naps, too much sugar and the occasional cousin smackdown.

We went to an aunt's house first, as is tradition now, to partake in snacks, conversation and to let as many of the little monkeys play together as possible. One of the presents that had been opened was an elephant toy that blows butterflies out of its air-filled nose so that the kids could catch them in nets. There were a whole bunch of little ones playing with great excitement and Grady jumped right in and basically jumped up and down for as long as the game was going. Sully, who'd just woken up from a nap, needed a slow warmup to the party and glommed onto me with his face buried in my neck for a good twenty minutes after we got there. But he eventually did warm up and was running around like a little howling demon with the rest of them in pretty short order.

We got to visit with relatives that my wife hadn't seen in ten or fifteen years (one of the downsides to having a far-flung family) but it was fun to meet them myself for the first time.

After a couple of hours of visiting with relatives there, we packed up and went to my wife's parent's house for some Christmas dinner and more presents. The boys got a very cool Smart Cycle from their grandma and grandpa. My wife got some doodads and knick knacks that are pretty nice. And I got some socks. Which is fine by me since I always need socks and I'd already gotten some cool stuff from my wife. Oh yes, I also got a Lightning Lab which isn't as cool as it sounds and has no volume control.

By the time we got home, it had been a non-stop nine hours of holiday fun and we were all pretty wiped out. I ended up being up later than expected because of my addiction to Skyrates. And then, this morning, was pressed into assembling the aforementioned Smart Cycle for Grady. Upon completion we realized that we had no D-cell batteries for it. Which sent me to the store when it was still icy cold outside, I had to use the butt end up of a tube of moisturizer to scrape the windows off with until the heater kicked in and cleared the rest.

It was a fun holiday and we've had a pretty mellow follow-up day for the most part. Right now we're trying to get the boys down for naps and failing. I think I'll go and help out the effort.

Update: Forgot that I wanted to note favorite gifts.
Favorite gift to my wife: Two hand carved and painted Tiki masks for her shop.
Favorite gift from my wife: A totally geeky measuring cup with crazy units of measure (6.8 billions grains of flour, one T-Rex brain, 100 penne noodles, etc.).
Favorite gift to Grady: The junior lacrosse stick set.
Favorite gift to Sully: The mini Nerf Vortex football that he can throw a spiral with and that he left at his Auntie's house.

Most annoying moment of the day: Trying to get both Grady and Sully to stand together in front of the tree, look at the camera and both smile. It was very aggravating and I was not successful.

Happy Holidays to you all!
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