Christmas Morning

As I write this, my house is quiet save for the dripping of the rain outside my window. We've been getting a good amount of rain this last week but I'm ready for a few warm sunny days again, preferably during my winter break.

For the last three days, Blogger has been broken and I've been unable to publish anything which just gets enormously frustrating amid an already enormously frustrating time of the year.

This has been a "down" year for Christmas in our house in terms of volume but I think we've made a few steps forward in terms of quality of presents. And in the thought behind some of them.

My favorite gift I've given so far is a pair of hand carved and painted Tiki masks for my wife's hair salon that has a Hawaiian theme. One is a bit garish but should look cool on the wall, the other is more subtle.
My favorite gift for myself so far is a Nerf N-Strike Maverick six shooter. It was extraordinarily satisfying to unload all six suction darts on Dr. Phil's face last night.

For now, I'm going to enjoy the peace and quiet with a cup of coffee and the morning news.

Merry Christmas to everyone!
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