The Bottom Ten

Taking a cue from a list on the Guardian web site detailing their top twelve douchebags of the year, a third of whom I've never heard of, I thought I'd run down my bottom ten list of jerkoffs, wankers and wastes of space.

10. Bill O'Reilly - so self important that facts and truth cannot penetrate his veil of ignorant hate.
9. Fred Joyal - the 1800-Dentist guy. He just annoys the holy fuck out of me.
8. Rush Limbaugh - smarmy, divisive and completely divorced from honest discussion.
7. Madonna - she's a mean-spirited old cougar who divorced her husband to get together with A-Tool (Alex Rodriguez).
6. Alex Rodriguez - had to be guilted into spending Thanksgiving with his children. You sir, are a douchebag.
5. The Mormon Church - dropping millions of dollars to legislate intolerance, marriage intolerance with your own polygamist history. I hope the backlash teaches a painful lesson about what the separation of church and state is supposed to be about. That and what a boon having a non-profit status is. Jerks.
4. Tom Cruise - attempting to spin your jackassery into a PR positive is a smart move but I'm not buying it and I remain firmly of the mind that you are a complete prick. A wee little one at that.
3. Arnold Schwarzenegger - leaders lead, idiots quote their movie lines because that have nothing of real substance to say. You sir, are an idiot. And a truly shitty governor.
2. John McCain - never before have I seen a man so totally sell out everything he purports to stand for to try and weasel his way into the Oval Office. From selecting Sarah Palin to his campaign of lies, smears and detraction, he sold every last shred of respect and still failed miserably.
1. George W. Bush - a lame duck acting like a limp dick. Good riddance to a dismal failure. Obama Day cannot come soon enough to remove this jackass from power.

That should do it for now. Got a list of the bottom ten you want to share? Post it in the comments or post a link to your blog.
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