Bailouts and Bullets

I haven't posted anything about the proposed Big 3 Automaker bailout yet nor have I said anything about Plaxico Burress' self-inflicted drunken gun shot wound. So I thought I'd kill two birds at once.

The first, I don't support a bailout of Ford, GM and Chrysler. GM and Chrysler make shitty cars, they've always made shitty cars and they've shown no signs of improving their product. Ford is the most viable of the three, they make decent cars and have demonstrated an interest in making better cars. But it isn't even really about the product entirely. Its about allowing a free market to function as a free market, that means profits and losses. What the Big 3 are doing now is attempting to create a win/win situation for themselves, a free market profit system protected by socialized risk.

And, sorry, but that's bogus. Chrysler has been bailed out before, they didn't learn and I strongly believe they should be allowed to wither and die. GM doesn't really do much innovation, they're like an off-kilter copy machine making bad copies of other cars.

Plus, the whole three private jets to Washington thing was ridiculous. And the second round of driving from Detroit to Washington in hybrids is equally stupid. Just fly commercially and quit trying to make a statement about how contrite you are when we all know you very obviously are not.

On to Plaxico Burress.
F*cktard behaviors:
Being fined 40-50 times by your own team.
Taking a gun to a nightclub.
Not having a license to carry said pistol.
Not bothering to secure the gun in a holster.
Owning a gun without a real safety.
Drinking with a gun in your belt.
Trying to give a fake name to the hospital.
Convincing the hospital to not report the gun shot wound.

Did I miss any?
While I don't put Plaxico Burress on anywhere near the same plane as Michael Vick (who should never be allowed on an NFL field for any reason whatsoever), Burress has demonstrated an appalling lack of judgment.
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