Are You Ready for Some Football......Talk?

It was another interesting and entertaining weekend of football with the Forty-Niners playing tough against the Jets and Brett Favre. Mike Singletary, the Niners' head coach has done a very good job of raising the team's output to his expectations and demands. He was one of the most intense and fearsome defensive backs when he was a player and damned if he isn't an intense and fearsome head coach too.

If the Yorks, the owners of the San Francisco Forty-Niners, do not keep him on as the team's permanent head coach then they are bigger fools than I ever thought. Ever since Mike Nolan got fired earlier this season, the Niners have been improving and becoming a better and more complete team.

I liked Mike Nolan but he was a terrible head coach. He admittedly knew nothing about running an offense and, sorry, but you cannot be successful if you can't run an offense (Baltimore Ravens excepted, of course).

The Niners should also work hard to try and keep Mike Martz as the offensive coordinator unless Norv Turner gets canned from his head coaching job in San Diego, which is quite likely since the Chargers suck with him as their coach. Either way, Martz or Turner is needed to keep the steam rolling. I think, at this point, it should be Martz' job if he wants it but I'm pretty sure he's eyeing some soon-to-be vacant head coaching positions.

In other football news, Tony Romo's girlfriend, Jessica Simpleton moved in with him this past week. And then the Cowboys lost to the Steelers. Coincidence? I think not.

Donovan McNabb and his Eagles knocked off the NY Giants. Which was a big surprise given how dominant the Giants have been. But perhaps the distraction of Plaxico Burress and his idiot self-inflicted gunshot wound helped that. The Eagles have been a roller coaster team this season, winning games they should not and losing games they should win.

The Oakland Faders continue to suck ass. They will continue to suck for the foreseeable future because Al Davis, their owner, is an egotistical jackass bent on doing things his way when his way has been demonstrated ad nauseum to not work. I guess it is true that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, especially when he's not willing to listen to anyone else.

Last story, the Redskins were bad yesterday. Yes, they were playing one of the best defenses in the game but they still couldn't do anything. Another season with a lot of promise until the season gets underway.

I'm sure there are plenty of stories I missed, I didn't watch too much football yesterday or maybe that's more like I didn't watch nearly enough? I'm not sure. But I did get a bunch of stuff done and kept up on the games.
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