My oh my, how the times and my attitude has changed. I remember many months ago when Rick was trying out Twitter and I commented that I could not understand the attraction to a severely limited pseudo-blogging engine.

But I was wrong, lawd! was I wrong. Twitter has actually changed how I internet. It is a fantastic way of keeping in touch and up to date on what my "connected" pals are up to. I know more about what my buddy Jay is up to these days because we Twitter it everyday (and yeah, I'm jealous he gets to go on those long rides all the time!).

But Twitter is also a really useful way to learn about popular culture. In particular, the latest extension of the data feeding into Twitter is called FlixPulse. Its a movie review site based on the number of positive, negative and indifferent posts about movies. Movies are then given a percentage score and a letter grade. Kung Fu Panda is an almost sure hit with an amazing 98% positive review rating. Zohan isn't such a good movie with a D rating and a mere 66% positive rating, the same as the latest Indiana Jones.

I've been lobbying my district to start making use of the system to push out server status updates, downtimes and other important messaging. Other organizations are already doing this like the LA Fire Department. For an easy to use means of getting word out, I don't think there's anything as good. It's also possible to get individual feeds delivered to your cell or email in-box (as in the case of emergency messaging).

There are an amazing and ever growing assortment of add-on services derived from Twitter's "pulse", the non-stop comments on everything. A good resource to check out in this regard is Frantic Industries: All Twitter Tools and Mashups in One Place (clever name, eh?).

My only complaint about Twitter is that it isn't especially stable and seems to go down randomly throughout the day. I can't get my RSS feeds to work properly anymore but part of this problem is due to the exploding popularity of the site and service. I hope they are adding servers and beefing up the system as it does not appear to be getting less popular at all, it's only going to get worse!

Along the same lines, I'm starting to make use of FriendFeed to keep on top of my other friends who are as addicted to the web as I am and are involved in numerous sites across the webosphere.

Funnily enough, Rick stopped using Twitter shortly after that post and I took it up a month or two later.