Twitter Chops Its Nose Off

Anybody who's used Twitter at all will have noticed that their RSS feeds have expired and now require an authentication to arrive in your chosen reader.

The only thing is, the greater majority of readers don't have the capacity to authenticate the feed. So Twitter feeds all over the world have gone dark as a result. And the majority of responses run something like "Twitter did what? Then to hell with Twitter."

Some of the reasons for this, apparently, is because the site needs to cut down on how easy it is to use and how widespread. Which is to say, they cut the RSS feeds to make the site harder to use, make feeds harder to follow and are effectively shooting themselves in the foot or chopped off their nose to spite their face.

Stupid, stupid, stupid move Twitter. You've just opened the door to other services who aren't going to make bad decisions like this and lock out users who can't access Twitter from behind the company firewall (like me). If I can't keep up to date on my Twitters then what's the point of the service at all?

[Update: There is, of course, a workaround! Subscribe to your feed again but insert your username and password after the http:// and before the twitter. It should look like this http://USERNAME:PASSWORD@twitter.com/statuses/friends_timeline/xxxxxxxx.rss. It does work, its annoying but I've got my Twitter feed back again. I love the internets because they are full of smart, smart people.]