Thanks Craigslist Flaker!

Usually the flakes who populate Craigslist are a pain in the ass, they call and promise to come by a certain time. Sometimes they call again an hour or so after they were supposed to be there with a BS story. Sometimes they'll even call a day or so later to try and make another appointment (which they'll blow off or otherwise ignore). And if they do show up, they will usually offer less than half of the agreed upon price figuring you just want to get rid of the thing. At which point I generally tell them to piss off.

Usually the dance is annoying in the extreme.

But sometimes it works out in my favor.

Like today, I was able to finally sync my schedule with a guy who was giving away some bunk beds. The first guy who he'd tried to give them to was a total flake, called hours later and tried to reschedule. I was the second email he'd gotten, we talked, we talked some more and finally got together today.

The bunkbeds kick all kinds of ass though they need some work (yes, pictures are forthcoming), some paint and some TLC. But they are solid, they are nice and the boys will love them when we get them installed.

Sometimes Craigslist really does kick all kinds of ass!