Putting The Blog Into Gear

Let's cut right to the chase.

I've got inventions that are good enough and need to be put into production. One is an almost sure big success just waiting to hit as its directed at over-worked parents. Another is a more niche oriented product that will appeal to environmentally conscious dog owners.

There are some others that are still in the rumination stage.

What I need is a backer. Someone who can invest in the concepts and help propel them into production and into the marketplace. Because of my own current financial difficulties, I am unable to make the capital investment to get the process underway or I would have done so already. So I am looking for a backer to underwrite the process. In exchange I will split any profits arising from this partnership, percentages to be determined later based on number of backers (I'm sure my door will be knocked down any moment) and amount invested.

Yes, I am quite serious.

If you are interested then send me an email (erik at intellectualpoison dot com), include your contact information and I'll send you an NDA so that we can discuss particulars. You can ask questions by email or in the comments below. Investments do not have to be huge, they can be almost any amount and still make a positive impact on the process.

It is time to shift this sucker into gear and start moving towards my future rather than waiting for it to come to me.