A Peek into the Future

I'd like to be able to show a kid where he or she is going to be in 20 or 30 years given their current state and direction. Sort of a scared straight kind of thing.

I look at some of the kids I see everyday and can tell you where they are headed. Some are born into gang culture and have little chance, hope or even desire, to escape. Some are already being pulled in, even in elementary school. Which is pretty messed up.

Then there are the other kids who are on the fence between descent and ascent. A couple of students I have gotten to know pretty well are extremely bright but come from difficult circumstances and may never be able to achieve their full potential (though my inclination is to say that very, very few of us ever achieve full potential). Those kids could use a nudge upward, which I try to provide them when I can. I encourage, cajole and challenge those students I know aren't coming close to what they are capable of.

Some of these kids are really pretty freaking brilliant and it would be a huge disservice to not try and pull them upward as much as I possibly can during the little time I can. I will miss interacting with the kids everyday, the vast majority of them are sweet, good natured and curious. They are one of the main reasons I am pretty sad about this short chapter of my life coming to a, presumed, close.

Though there are still some possibilities that we're exploring. I should have a better handle on those things towards the end of the week, maybe.

Oh, and another school party on Friday! Woot! This time at a rather nice lunch place which means drinks and NO KIDS!