The News? She is Good

I had a meeting with the district HR department this afternoon. I figured I was either going to get in trouble for something or I was going to get good news about my job for the fall.

I got good news about my job for the fall. Due to some sites finding extra funds for my position, the layoffs in my department were being, effectively, rescinded. Not in so many words but that's the end result. I'm not sure about the other guy in my department yet but he may also escape the chop.

The funny thing is, earlier this week my buddy at one of my schools cornered the superintendent for our zone, he used to be the principal at the school and my pal has a good relationship with him. Well, he bent the supe's ear for a while and talked me up but good.

And then, a few days later, this news hits and I'm rehired into the district. Coincidence? Maybe but I kind of doubt it.

As of right now, my contract stands at 50% time but that'll increase as other schools re-up their site tech positions and more time becomes available. I can guarantee that I'll get one more school since that's the one where my buddy works and they won't fund the position unless they get me back. Which is a pretty strong endorsement if there ever were one.

I'm really pretty happy to be able to stay despite the financial concerns. I'll get a pay bump in July and will be eligible for another on in February. More so, my benefits aren't going to change and that's really good news for my whole family as they are excellent. Some of the other perks are also pretty darned nice too. Like the fact that I can choose which school in the district I want to send my children to. Oh yeah, and they don't get to take my delicious MacBook Pro back either!

Plus, I'll be back at my main school from the start of the school year which means I'll be able to get some student projects going early.