Much Ado About a Layoff Notice

I was able to finally get to the Post Office this morning to pick up my certified letter from the school district notifying me that I am, officially, being laid off at the end of the month.

It doesn't really make me all that sad to get the official news since I've known about it for months unofficially. I suppose the finality of it might depress me a little bit but it hasn't yet.

I've got too much work to do to get myself another job to stand around regretting the loss of this one. I will miss it though. With some luck I'll be able to do some freelance work for the schools in the fall which, oddly enough, will result in me getting paid more and costing the schools substantially less because of benefits, union dues and all the other foofery that came with the position.

Speaking of which, it is just about time for me to get to working on my resume and applying for all the jobs I've saved up over the week (with a big thank you to my sister Su for her help!).

PS. Happy 6/7/8 Day!