A Monday Without Students

I'm sitting in the computer lab at one of my schools on the Monday after school has let out for the summer. There are, by my count, four people on campus this morning. The calmness and quiet is pretty damned lovely.

And I'll be able to tear into the broken eMacs in the lab without distraction.

One of my teachers just stopped by, check that, one of my favorite teachers at this site just stopped by. She's finally getting a chance to catch up on all the stuff she can't do with a class full of wiggly kids.

Now I'm jamming some music (how's about a little Frankie Goes to Hollywood?), finishing up some breakfast and digging the new dawn. Soon it'll be time to dig into some broken computers, listen to some KNBR (when's the Giants' game on? dang, not 'til 4).

Oh well, plenty of fun to be had and I've got a couple of other posts to work on as well as keeping an eye on the job boards. But it sure is peaceful here now!