Metallica Works Hard to Suck This Bad

Metallica really wants you to dislike them.

You cannot invite bloggers in to your recording session, have them write reviews (which universally panned their crappy old music) and then threaten those same bloggers with legal action in a bid to get them to remove the bad reviews. Oh, and in really stupid spin control mode, the band has claimed the songs the bloggers heard were "rough mixes" and not finished songs which begs the question of why the bloggers were invited in to listen to unfinished music.

The world doesn't work this way. If they wanted good reviews then perhaps they should produce some good music. And Metallica has sucked for decades now, they need to shut the hell up and go back to trying to sell overpriced CD's at Sam Goody's in flyover America.

I think all that loud music has permanently damaged any higher brain function these has-beens ever had.