Like a Yard Sale Only Freer

It is the first day of summer break and some teachers are back on campus clearing out their classrooms. The giveaways are waaaay too numerous to even estimate much less count.

I've been able to score some pretty good stuff for my boys including a box of Big Legos, some excellent books, a stuffed dinosaur, a pop up sun shade, a beat box for drumming and a neat little crocodile guy.

I tells ya, if I didn't have a totally stuffed full garage, I'd probably load up the trunk of my car. Or not as I know my wife would be rather annoyed at a trunkload of stuff we don't need.

But we're going to have a yard sale in a few weeks and anything we decide not to keep can be parceled out there.

I've also gotten some ice cream cake, pizza, snack packs and a SpongeBob yogurt tube. This could be a really fun week if this keeps up!