The Last Day of School

Today is a big day in the school district. Every kid and every teacher has been looking forward to it for weeks now.

It is, of course, the last day of school. This whole last week has been more like a party than a school with trips, games, events, plays and lots and lots of cleanup.

And pranks. I haven't heard about too many of them but there is one good one that took place at my school I'm at today. The students all showed up early and relocated the classroom from inside the room to the asphalt playground outside the room. Every desk, every chair including the teacher's desk which was adorned with an archway of blue and white (the school's colors) balloons.

And the kids? The kids are pretty darned proud of themselves for stirring up some fun, as they should be! The teacher thinks its really funny but is now at a loss as to what to do with her class today. And its going to be a hot, hot day here!

Kind of reminds me of the pranks that were pulled when I was in high school. One very famous one at my prep school was incredibly funny, hard to pull and just as difficult to undo. A bunch of seniors carried a teacher's VW Bug up a couple of sets of stairs and placed it on the stage in the assembly room where the entire school was going to meet up later that morning. Sadly though, I think they got some kind of disciplinary action because of it but my memory may be failing me a bit.

What are some pranks you've heard of, pulled or had pulled on you?