IP Movie Review: Idiocracy

I don't think I ever saw an ad for Idiocracy in theatres. I can understand why. Not that its a bad movie, I rather thought it was pretty funny. But it isn't the kind of movie that does well in theatres, if that makes any sense.

Like Transformers is made for the huge screen, some movies are better rented.

Idiocracy is one of them. Its best enjoyed where you can pause, rewind and watch scenes again.

The storyline is a big stretch but that's alright. Any movie that includes people accidentally being frozen in time for 500 years is going to need some stretching. But Joe Average gets frozen along with a hooker since no other suitable woman was available. They awake 500 years in the future to a world of complete and utter fucking idiots.

The cut scene that explains what happens is pretty funny really, its a married couple with high IQ's talking about when they want to have a baby versus a redneck who screws everyone and makes dozens of kids while the smart people never do get around to making a kid. Over the course of time, this phenomenon breeds the brains right out of humans.

By the time Joe and Rita wake up, the world is a garish and retarded world of morons who's favorite show is "Ow, My Balls", Starbucks is where you go to get a blowjob and pretty much everyone can barely remember to breathe.

Of course, a world populated by morons is going to be in disarray. And in this future world, water has been replaced by Brawndo, a Gatorade like drink whose parent company bought the FDA so it could force everyone to drink it. And use it to water crops which, crazy enough, don't grow and led to dust storms through cities filled with trash.

It certainly isn't a high brow movie by any stretch. But it had its moments and themes, like instead of peace signs (index finger and middle finger extended as a V) everyone just used their middle finger. Fuddruckers, the burger place, had become, over the hundreds of years Buttfuckers (which any word geek saw coming). People were named after fast food or other junk (the President of the US's middle name is Mountain Dew) and everything being was either sex or insult based. The ad for smoking read something like "If you don't Smoke Tarleton's then FUCK YOU!"

Worth a watch if you like that kind of movie. I thought it was pretty funny and not a total waste of time. Call it one thumb up out of two.