I Rock

My school is letting out for the year and I thought it would be cool to send them off with a little Alice Cooper singing, what else, "School's Out" over the PA system.

It should have been louder but it did work with me holding my laptop up to the speaker and holding down the "All play" button on the PA system.

That and I got to play in the teachers vs 6th graders softball game. Went 1-2 with two hard hit balls. The hit was an RBI double that could have caused damage as it was a smoking line drive into a gaggle of kids.

But no harm done and I didn't annihilate any kids on the base paths, though one student did his best to get annihilated and then tried to call me out for not staying in the base path.

The last day of school is as much fun for the teachers and staff as it is for the students and that's exactly as it should be!

I will miss these people, I'll miss the teachers, the support staff and the students. This is a great environment to work in and I just wish it paid more and I wasn't being laid off. Maybe once I've sold my inventions for millions of dollars I'll be able to volunteer my time.