Big Oil Saved by the Effing GOP

Senate Republicans block windfall taxes on Big Oil

If you had any doubts of where their allegiances truly lie, look to today's news that the Republicans are protecting their pals in Big Oil from taxes on their quarter after quarter record profits while the price of gas blasts right through $4 a gallon and is, at least locally, closing in on $5 a gallon.

Oh sure, they spin it as best they can but you can't punch someone in the gut and then pretend you gave them a kiss. It just doesn't work that way and its despicable.

I have not the tiniest bit of respect for these Republican oil company bitches and the elections cannot come soon enough. Absolutely ridiculous.

The Democrats need to keep pushing this again and again. If the Republicans keep knocking it down, they will continue to look like traitors to America as this makes it starkly apparent how little regard they have for real Americans struggling to stay afloat as they've destroyed the economy, sent jobs overseas and basically behaved like a bunch of douchebags for the last eight years.