An Unexpected Day Off

Here are a few additional shots from yesterday:
Smoky SunHigh Speed Fire Truck ParadeSmoke over the School
My Memorial Day weekend has gotten off to an early start. Actually it started yesterday afternoon when I left school for lunch and, when I called in to check, was told to take the rest of the day off.

This morning I should have checked my email before leaving for work. But, in retrospect its a good thing I didn't. If I had then I would have known that the entire district was closed down due to air quality concerns.

But since I didn't, I drove up the highway into work at the school. Only to find it almost completely deserted. Almost, except for one of the school's "grandmas" was standing on the curb with a distressed student.

What had happened, I think, was that her father had dropped her off at the bus stop out on the street and didn't drive down to the school. There was a sign at the steps leading down into the school announcing the closure but nothing out on the road at all.

Anyway, it took a little doing but we got her mom's company name out of her and I, using my superior iPhone technology, looked up the number and called it. She asked for her mom and let her know what had happened and could she come and pick her up? Did I mention she was in shorts and short sleeves and it was a heavy fog morning?

I called the school principal to let him know what was happening and took her into the library to get her out of the cold. She's either quiet as a mouse or was pretty upset by the whole thing. She got a book and sat to wait.

I checked my email and, sure enough, there were several emails about the district-wide school closure. And news that at least one district employee's house had burned down.

I'm home now, told to stay indoors due to air quality issues again. Trying to keep the boys from killing each other, trying to work on resume stuff and keeping an eye on job boards.

I am glad that I went into work today and was able to help the student get picked up. Her day had already been pretty unfun. And I got to do a good deed.

The good thing about the cold fog today is that its apparently helping the fight the fires and the news reported 20% containment as of 8 this morning. A good start and I hope nobody else has to lose their home.

And that a sensible undergrowth clearing plan is put into place. The fire spokesman said there is a hundred years of undergrowth up there and the dry spring basically makes it one huge tinderbox.