Ultimately Cheesy

This month's Cheddar X, It's Cheesier is all about ultimate (not the frisbee game). Without further jibber-jabber, let's get to the cheese, eh?

1. Your ultimate car: Ford Gt40, no question.

2. Your ultimate house: I could settle for Hearst Castle, I guess. Failing that, I'll go "slumming" in Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water. But if I were being somewhat realistic, there's a great Mexican style villa on the market in Freedom that I'd love to have. Maybe I'll snap a pic one of these days when I stop to get the real estate agent's number to see what its on the market for.

3. Your ultimate career: my ultimate career would be a combo plate of skills including advertising creation, marketing and public relations. I have a very strong creative streak that can be applied to logos, slogans and advertising campaigns. That or President of the US (and I can absolutely promise I'd be a better and more effective leader than the current asshat in charge).

4. Your ultimate toy: The ultimate toy for me would probably be an A-10 Warthog, oh yeah!

5. Your ultimate trip: A year long trip around the world with a full month being spent at any place that strikes us (of course I'd have my family with me). Extra time spent in Cape Town, Barcelona, Prague and Paris.

6. Your ultimate dinner or meal: Start off with oysters on the half shell and shrimp cocktails. Follow up with marinated skirt steak on the grill with fresh sliced pineapple on top, grilled veggies on kabobs, grilled corn with chili butter and as many Amstel Lights or Pyramid Hefeweizens as I need to make it through the meal. Dessert could be any number of things but I'm particular to cheesecakes and warm from the oven apple pie a la mode.

7. Your ultimate relaxation: A good long day of riding through the redwoods followed by the high speed descent out to the ocean via Wilder Ranch and topped off with the ultimate meal above. And a blowjob.