Too Little, Far Too Late, Scottie

McClellan's book blasts Bush administration, you know, the same administration he was the spokesman for. The one he lied for, obfuscated, berated and otherwise misdirected the press and effectively ran interference for the worst administration in the history of the world.

And now, after the smoke is starting to clear and the universe is looking forward to getting Bush out of office, now you want to cash in on your part in the great deception?

Sorry, Scott but you can go fuck yourself. If you'd published your book within a year of leaving the position then I'd be lauding you. But you've waited until his term is nearly over and the GOP as a whole is trying to distance itself from him even though its just lipstick on an elephant.

You were complicit, Scottie, and now you want a big payday for it by turning on the hand that fed you and gave you pets. It is nice to see the rats deserting the ship that is the Bush administration but its still far, far too little far, far too late.