Target Acquired

It never ceases to amaze that true rock stars can be playing almost in your back yard and you wouldn't know it unless you actually take a look and see.

In my, seemingly, neverending quest for employment that actually pays my bills, I have come across a start up in Santa Cruz that appears to be a near perfect fit for my skills, temperament and motivations.

The company was founded by a bonafide internet and technology rock star. A man with vision and the financial backing (his own cash since he appears to really dislike being beholden to any VC or shareholder interests) to do what he thinks is best which is good because he has a track history of success, innovation and of leading the market.

I have entered the next phase of my process, that of collecting information, finding out more about the company and the founder. Then crafting an entry into the company based on my experience and skills.

Ideally I would be able to function in a role best explained by a metaphor, I'd like to play the position of sweeper on a soccer team. That is, a player who can equally contribute on offense and defense, can use his judgment to impact the process at the point where he will be the most effective and to fly free to determine where to best help out.

My reasoning is that I have a solid body of experience in many aspects of running a business. From my public relations and media handling skills to my ability to rip into a data file and find relevant information for internal and external use. To my ability to provide extra horsepower on deadlines to my underutilized ability to develop marketing materials, slogans and logos. I have an awful lot to offer a company, not the least of which is my attitude which is pretty relentlessly positive and not prone to fits of freaking out.

I am not, of course, neglecting my other job searches and won't be putting all my eggs into this basket because I need to get and keep as many irons on the fire as possible. How's that for a bad mashup of metaphors? Eggs, baskets, irons and fires. Loverly.

Back to my research work. Woops.