Suffering for the Sharks

The Sharks started the second round of the playoffs by quickly getting to three games down against the Stars. But before the scary elimination game four, I stopped shaving and joined the Fear the Beard fan campaign to support the team. And they won game four. And I still didn't shave. And they won game five. And I still didn't shave.

This afternoon is game six and I have not shaved yet. And today is the peak scratchy face day. At least I hope this is the peak because I'm going to go insane if it gets itchier.

I hope the Sharks win but either way, tomorrow the beard will either be gone or, hopefully, grown out enough to not be like thousands of pins jabbing my face.

I'm humbled that my beard has been the turning point for the Sharks and I just hope I'm strong enough to keep from shaving it.

[Update: Well it took four Overtime periods to end but it did end for the Sharks last night. Fantastic goal tending from both the Stars and the Sharks and I'm bummed there will be no game seven. But damn, what an awesome final game of the season for the Sharks.]