The Search Continues.....

I thought I had completed my search for the perfect (for me) iPhone case. I found a case by Griffin at Target for a decent price, checked it to make sure it wasn't a silicon outside that would make slipping it into a pocket impossible and annoying and it even came with a screen protector and armband.

But, when I got it home and got it out of the box, it was missing one of the crucial pieces, the belt clip. Which meant it was about half as useful as it could be. Maybe even less so since the armband couldn't work without it either.

And, of course, it was the only one they had in stock so it went back, no replacement and my iPhone is still languishing in the poor case that came with my wife's old iPod Mini a couple of years ago. Its better than nothing but only because of its protective qualities, it is not easy or convenient to use at all.

So, if anyone's got the perfect iPhone case and they feel like passing along some wisdom, leave a comment and let me know what you've got and why you like it so much.

My wife is looking for her own perfect iPhone case and its nothing like my perfect iPhone case (she wants a flip cover that flips over the top of the phone). Any info would be greatly appreciated!