Recycle and Sometimes Get a Little Coin for Your Old Tech

If you're a CostCo member (and there's no reason you shouldn't be) and you've got a stash of old technology in your house then you might want to play around with the Costco Trade-In and Recycle Program to get an idea of what the gear might be worth.

Some stuff isn't worth anything anymore but they'll still take it and recycle it for you. But other stuff will get a few bucks here and there and some stuff will actually get you a pretty decent chunk of change.

But the mere $5 they will pay me for my antique first generation iPod is nowhere near its value to me. That actually revolving scroll wheel is just too awesome. But the firewire connection needs a little TLC to work again.

Anyway, it can't hurt to clear out your old tech and doing it the right way is alot more environmentally responsible than just tossing it in the garbage.