Purple Belt in Geek-Fu

One fun aspect of my job is that I get to control one of my computer labs via Apple's Remote Desktop (ARD). This allows me to spy on students using the computers, take control of their machines when they are misbehaving and to play jokes on the students that I've gotten to know.

Alot of the power of ARD stems from its ability to use Unix commands to control the machines. Things like Say "How about a nice game of chess?" or drutil tray open/close (makes the CD tray open and close) or just taking control of their cursor and mucking around.

Today I learned another new one that goes a long, long way to maintaining whatever passes for my sanity. Its a means to automagically set all the volumes on the computers to a more reasonable level before I launch one of the more annoying and noisy activities for the younger kids. Its osascript -e "set volume 7" where the 7 (max volume) can be set to anything from 0 (mute) to 7 (jarringly overloud).

I SHALL have my peace and quiet, even if I have to mute all the machines to do so!

Got a slick Unix command you want to pass along? Let me know and I'll add it to my arsenal!