PETA Makes More Ridiculous Demands

PETA wants Eight Belles jockey suspended after filly's death during the Kentucky Derby. Note, they don't want to investigate and then suspend the jockey, they want the suspension in advance of the investigation. Which is to say, PETA has already found the jockey guilty of something. Most likely cruelty to animals by being a jockey in the first place.

Does anyone who's not already a PETAhead really care in the least what they have to bleat about? Unless its hot chicks in lettuce bikinis I know I really couldn't care less.

And not just because Ingrid Newkirk is an atrocious hypocrite staying alive because of medical research done on animals. Mostly because PETA comes off like a dictatorship laying out decrees of decent behaviour as if they have a moral authority to dictate to others. Engage me in a rational conversation about the abuses being heaped on animals and you're much more likely to get an ear. Scream your lame slogans at me and you get a stone wall while I have some BBQ ribs.

Its all about the approach. Shrill gets ignored, rational gets a seat at the table. And yes, I'll put away my ribs before we start talking because I'm a polite guy.