On Call to the US District Court

I've been summoned by the government to potentially serve on a jury in United States District Court in San Jose. Which would be kind of interesting and somewhat cool if I wasn't working, lived closer and the trial was interesting.

But I live in Watsonville, which is like forty miles away from San Jose, I have a job that's winding down and I need to get as many work days in while I can.

The "compensation" for jury duty is a joke, of course, but they also reimburse for travel expenses so it wouldn't be a total wash. Still, I'd rather be working than sitting in judgment of someone else's misdeeds. No wait, I don't mind judging others, I just need to get paid more for it.

But I was supposed to call in on Sunday to find out if I'd been selected. Since I was sick all of last week, it slipped my mind and I finally called in last night, expecting them to rip me a freshie but got a recording telling me I haven't been selected yet and to call back after 5 in a couple of days.

I'm not against civil service and jury duty in general but its a bit on the ridiculous side to expect someone to travel such a long distance, especially if the trial starts at 8 or 9 every morning. That would mean a ridiculously early departure, slogging through the gnarly commute over 17 and then a long, late drive home as well. All for a piddling $40? No thanks.

So keep your fingers crossed that they do not require my particular services this time around.