Monday Morning Scorecard

Refrigerator door hinge - 1
Erik - 0
First round to the refrigerator door hinge. But reinforcements (spare parts) are on the way and the battle will be won by Erik.

Pile of old pay stubs and bank statements - 0
Crosscut shredder - 1
Never bet against the shredder despite two stoppages due to overheating and a jam.

Bag of Mega Bloks - 1
The never ending pick up - 1
Stalemate here. These blocks get picked up once a day minimum but you'd never know it.

My sanity - 0.5
My non-stop mess monkeys - 1
A close battle but the boy's win on persistence and an ability to whine without pausing for breath.

Nande's sanity - 0
The Watsonville Fly-in - 1
The jets have no idea how much total pwnage they have over my dog. She howled all weekend long because of the planes but especially because of the two jets, an FA-18 fighter and a C-17 cargo transport (which was frigging' ginormous).

More to come as they occur to me.