Memo to Billary: Gracefully Bow Out Now Please

Edwards endorsement pays off for Obama and should send another strong signal to the Hillary camp that now is the time to display some grace in defeat and bow out of the race so you can retain a shred of dignity.

As it is, every day that goes by and Hillary keeps on fighting an unwinnable battle, the GOP snickers and laughs and keeps planning their swift boat assault on Barack once the in-fighting has ceased.

Hillary, for the love of democracy, you need to quit the race. It isn't a race anymore, its a flogging and your ass is the one getting beat. Quit now, quit soon, quit so the party can come back together and pound the snot out of the GOP so we can start to repair 8 years of Bush stupidity and ego-wanking.

Please, Hillary. I don't want to hate you but I'm finding it increasingly hard to not see you as a shrill, double standard holding, selfish and self-absorbed party cancer. Which is a shame because I used to hold you in pretty high regard. How quickly your stock has fallen and it certainly hasn't been helped by jumping up and down and all the screeching and poor behavior.