Looking for the Silver Lining

With each day that passes, I get one day closer to being retrenched again and I need to be compensating each day pushing me out the door with an effort to get another door opened.

I've been working on my materials, my resume, cover letters and the like. It isn't very much fun but I don't expect it to be fun. Hunting for a job is work, work that pays really badly but its work nonetheless.

And what have I learned from my daily and sometimes hourly perusal of job boards? That things are very tough all over and that it is most definitely an employer's market right now. I'm seeing help wanteds offering a ridiculous $15 an hour for skilled employees with master's degrees. Let me be the first to tell you that you are not going to be able to pay your bills AND have money left over to eat with at $15 an hour.

Unless you are somehow able and willing to work 80 hours a week, which I am not nor am I willing.

The good thing about this pending layoff is that I can see it coming, I can prepare and make it a stepping off point rather than a laying off point. So there's some good. And I'd be pretty hard pressed to find a job that paid less than what I'm making now so that's good too, sort of.

There isn't a whole lot of good in this pending layoff but there's some and I'm going to try and focus on the good and leave the bad behind. I probably won't be a hundred percent successful but I think its the effort that's important rather than the outcome.